Zoo Med Repti Economy Clamp Lamp

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Zoo Med Repti Economy Clamp Lamp

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Reptiles are ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), which means that instead of producing their own body heat, they depend on external sources for warmth — like the sun. This heat energy is used to digest their food, maintain bodily function, and stay generally healthy. Since reptiles don't produce their own heat, we must provide the heat they need with heat lamps.

The Zoo Med Repti Economy Clamp Lamp is an inexpensive lamp fixture with an 8.5" aluminum reflector and six foot power cord. It is great for use with halogen and incandescent bulbs, but should not be used with ceramic heat emitters, mercury vapor bulbs, or any bulb exceeding 100 watts.

Maximum bulb wattage: 100w

Lamp diameter: 8.5"


Insert bulb and ensure it is securely screwed into the socket. Plug cord into outlet and/or timer as needed and test on/off switch, and ensure that the bulb turns on. Place on top of the mesh screen covering your terrarium, ensuring that you have the fixture above the basking area on the extreme right or left of the enclosure to create a healthy temperature gradient. Turn on to use.

For best results, use the Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer to measure the temperature at your pet's basking area to make sure they are getting the right temps for their needs.