24x18x12 (22 Gallon) Reptile Enclosure

13 reviews
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24x18x12 (22 Gallon) Reptile Enclosure

13 reviews
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This round of enclosures is slightly more prone to rust on the screen lid and not ideal for high humidity species.

Enclosures may typically take up to 1-3 business days to process and 3-5 business days to ship.

Buying a reptile enclosure is an important investment for your pet's wellbeing. We created this enclosure because we believe that reptile owners should have an economical housing option for their pet. Too many reptiles are kept in inadequately sized enclosures, and one big reason is that enclosures are expensive!

Our PVC reptile habitats are the perfect way to house your pet reptile:
  • durable PVC panels
  • aluminum frame
  • heavy-duty screen
  • not affected by humidity
  • extremely lightweight (just 20lbs!) 
  • easy to move
  • easy to assemble in <30 minutes

This open front terrarium measures 24"L x 18"W x 12"H, which makes it suitable for housing small, terrestrial exotic pets such as:

Please keep in mind that small colubrids may be able to escape through the gap between the sliding doors, so this enclosure is not recommended for young colubrids without modification.




This reptile tank is made with an aluminum frame and PVC panels for the bottom, back, and sides that slide into the frame. The top is a heavy-duty screen, and the front viewing panel and doors are acrylic.

Shipped flat. Includes a mallet for easy setup. No additional tools are required. A screwdriver can be used to tighten the screws for the light hanging rods and door handles, but do not make them too tight.

1" Stacker/Spacers are now available to stack multiple enclosures (up to 3 high). 


The enclosure MUST be assembled on a hard surface. Carpet will not work.

Our 22 gallon terrarium comes with double-sided tape instead of part 1E. You will skip step 2C and will attach the acrylic panel using the provided tape.

The mounting bars do NOT have to be installed if you do not plan on mounting your lighting.

When assembling:

  • Be sure to put the top on the correct way with the double track in the front.
  • Be sure to remove the plastic protective layer included on some panels. Use a microfiber towel to remove any dusty appearance. If dust persists it may still have the plastic protective layer.

You can make the structure of the reptile habitat more secure by using a clear/black aquarium-safe silicone along the base and bottom 1-2” to make it more solid and able to hold substrate. This enclosure is not waterproof. You will need to use silicone to seal the bottom. You can spray the substrate but do not dump water directly into it.

Replacement screws for the door handles are easily found at any hardware store. They will be standard hardware that can be used for cabinets in general. A small washer can be added to the screws to make them more secure.

If you add a lot of weight to the enclosure, make sure you support the bottom when moving it.

If you are using this as a snake habitat or for housing a high humidity species, we suggest using glass doors instead of acrylic. In addition, acrylic does scratch, so if you are using this enclosure for a reptile with nails the doors will scratch over time. If this is a problem for you, we recommend replacing the acrylic with glass doors from a local glass shop. We will soon offer glass doors as an upgrade!

To increase humidity in the enclosure, you can purchase a 1/8” or 3/16” sheet of acrylic or PVC from your local hardware store to set on top of the screen. However, it's best practice to preserve your enclosure's built-in ventilation system and mist more frequently or use a reptile fogger to compensate. 

Only unopened enclosure boxes can be returned at our discretion.

*Regular coupon codes can NOT be applied to enclosures*

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Amanda C.
New London, Connecticut New London, Connecticut

Perfect for a Leopard Gecko!!

I love Dubia’s enclosures. They are easy to build, sturdy, durable, easy to assemble, affordable, and look sleek in any exotic hobbyist’s room. My male Blizzard Leopard gecko absolutely loves his 24x18x12 especially because of the way the enclosure was able to fit back pieces that allowed him to climb in different cave systems in his enclosure. I highly recommend this enclosure!

Christen J.
, Michigan , Michigan

Nice lightweight alternative to heavier options

Nice and lightweight, seems like it's good quality. It looks great when it's all set up. I bought 4 more cages for some other animals in my home after receiving this.

Brent B.
, Alabama , Alabama

22 gallon review

Love the product ! Effective, durable and and lightweight!

Davie, Florida Davie, Florida


Its good . Got some wrong parts but it worked :) awesome cage

Lauren T.
United States United States

Beautiful enclosures for smaller snakes!!

I bought three of these from Dubia to transfer my smaller snakes into. They were easy to assemble and look very nice once done! It is perfect for my adult Hognose snake. However, I am having to do some snake-proofing modifications for my juvenile Milk snake because he could squeeze out of some of the holes. Dubia DID list on the website that smaller snakes shouldn't go in these enclosures without modification. I totally understand that now!! However, I just filled the spots that were concerning with caulking and hoping it's enough not to have a little escapee. But as I mentioned, perfect size for a Hognose and she cannot escape! I also ordered the stackers so I could place them together. Customer service was also super quick to respond and always helpful. I can't wait to grow my collection of these enclosures!

Oliver O.
United States United States

It took a piece of me with it

Hrm. Where to start? The assembly was NOISY and very time consuming and tiresome. I also was unable to figure out how to put the substrate barrier in. I read the manual, watched the video. Didn't help. I was not provided a sheet of instructions and the instructions on the website didn't really have the best visuals. So I presently have an enclosure without a substrate barrier, which is a bummer because I had hoped to seal it with aquarium silicone and eventually have a bioactive setup. Oh well. Putting aside the issues, with the reinforcing bars on the lid it seems pretty sturdy. Boy does it attract fur/hair, though.