Armadillidium scaberrimum "sandstone"

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Armadillidium scaberrimum "sandstone"

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*Comes in a 10 count*

Size: 1.8cm

Lifespan:1-3 years

Difficulty: Easy/Beginner

Humidity: Low - Moderate

Temperature: 65 - 78 degrees

Sandstone was originally identified as Armadillidium omblae, but has recently been officially identified as Armadillidium scaberrimum. These are a great isopod to use in a semi - arid/low humidity environment. If this species is kept too humid, they can experience bad molts. Like Armadillidium peraccae, this species is covered in bumps and has a gray color that can range form light to dark. They have large broods, but can be infrequent. It is a good idea to establish a colony before introducing them to your bioactive enclosure. This species also prefers a large amount of calcium in their diet. For a calcium source, you can offer farm fresh egg shells (washed & dried) or a Cuttlefish Bone.