Exo Terra Cholla Cactus Skeleton, Large

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Exo Terra Cholla Cactus Skeleton, Large

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As small animals, reptiles get stressed when they don't have a place to hide out of sight. Chronic stress has negative effects on reptiles, leading to increased susceptibility to illness, decreased appetite, lethargy, and more defensive behavior. This is especially important for nocturnal and crepuscular reptiles that prefer to hide during the majority of the day.

The Exo Terra Cholla Cactus Skeleton is an extremely lifelike, artificial replica of real cholla cactus wood. Its hollow center creates a secure hiding spot, the holes allow you to see your reptile inside, and the natural aesthetic helps make your enclosure more attractive! Everyone wins with the Exo Terra Cholla Cactus Skeleton.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 11"