How-To Guides

If you would like to learn more about Dubia Roaches then look through our how-to guides and articles below. There is a lot of great information about care, breeding, nutrition, and comparisons to other feeders!


Why Choose Dubia Roaches

With a wide variety of feeders available locally and online, Dubia roaches (Blaptica dubia) are rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices. It is no accident. Dubia roaches are popular because they rate highly in so many different areas. Dubia Roaches, throughout their life cycle, come in a range of sizes, from 1/8″ as babies, or “nymphs” to 1 1/2″ – 2″ as adults. This allows Dubia roaches to serve as satisfactory prey items for any insect eating animal. In many cases, the roaches will grow along with your pets, with a new supply constantly available as they breed and mature.


What Eats Dubia Roaches

The short answer is that almost all reptiles eat Dubia roaches! Their sizes range, from nymph to adult, they're excellent nutrition for both nocturnal and diurnal reptiles and the ease of breeding them makes Dubia roaches an ideal choice for all reptiles. Consider the size of the reptile you’re feeding, calculate the best size prey, determine the best “delivery” method based on when and where in the cage your reptile is active and give your pet some dietary enjoyment!


What Do Dubia Roaches Eat

There are two reasons to be concerned about what Dubia roaches eat: a proper diet results in healthier roaches and better breeders; well nourished roaches pass their nutrition on to the creatures that eat them.


Dubia Roaches vs Crickets

With the growing popularity of Dubia roaches as feeders, especially for reptiles, more and more people are re-evaluating their choice of crickets as feeders and considering making the switch to roaches.


Dubia Roaches vs Common Feeder Insects

One of the complications that goes along with keeping most reptiles and amphibians is the need to keep other creatures alive as well, namely their food. Reptile and amphibian keepers want feeders that are nutritious, easy to keep and not disruptive to the household.


Dubia Roach Nutrition Facts

Reptile nutritional needs is a complicated issue and varies from species to species. It's clear though that all reptiles require a certain amount of calories, protein, some fat, vitamins and minerals.


Starting a Dubia Roach Colony

Are you tired of the endless trips to the pet store to get feeders for your reptiles? Is the smell of dying crickets permeating your household? There’s an easy solution: set up a dubia roach colony!


Dubia Roach Cleaner Crews

Dubia roaches are cleaner and more odor free than other similar feeders such as crickets. Even so, there is some potential for decay or mold in a Dubia roach enclosure.


Facts About Cockroaches

"Eewww! A cockroach!" That's the most common reaction to the mention of cockroaches. However, like most plants and animals in our amazing world, a little investigation reveals how interesting and unusual cockroaches actually are.