Large Superworms

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Large Superworms

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If your pet is favoring superworms over other bugs, try not offering any for a week or two.

What are superworms?

Superworms are the larval form of Zophobas morio, a type of darkling beetle. They're like mealworms but bigger and fatter. Providing them in this way makes them suitable for use as occasional feeders or treats for reptiles, amphibians, and some arachnids. 

We offer a pre-cupped option is great for hobbyists that want a convenient alternative to "boxed" or "bagged" feeders and pet stores or resellers who desire a professional pre-packaged solution.

How big is each superworm?

Our large superworms are approximately 1 1/2" to 2" long each.

How often can superworms be offered?

Superworms can be safely used as part of a rotation of feeder insects or as treats. Due to their higher fat content, avoid using superworms as a staple feeder.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Moisture — 57.9%
  • Protein — 19.7%
  • Fat — 17.7%
  • Ash — 1.0%
  • Fiber — 2.7%

Superworms must be dusted with calcium supplement powder before offering.

For details on superworm care, go here.