Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions


Should I order from you through amazon?
We get asked this a lot! If you like to support small businesses, please buy direct from the seller. When you buy through Amazon, they take 15% of the sale including the shipping.

Where are you located?
Our facility is based in Wichita, Kansas.

How do I contact you?
If you need to get in touch with us regarding your order, or for another reason then please send us a message through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send an email to, a text to 888 833 8242 or find us on Facebook!

What are "Dubia Dollars"?
To thank our customers we now give them the chance to earn points through our loyalty program, these are Dubia Dollars and can be earned by completing specific tasks. Once earned, these points can be exchanged for discounts and savings on future orders! There are multiple ways to earn; not just by spending with us. If you are interested in joining our loyalty program click here for more information on how to join!

What should I feed my reptile or other pet?
All pets have varying needs, it is vital that you do plenty of research on your pet and what they need in order to keep them healthy and thriving. You can check out our sister site which has a great info section where you can find many care sheets on various reptiles, amphibians. tarantulas, snakes and many more!

Do you sell reptile lighting?
We do sell basking bulbs, fixtures, UVB bulbs, as well as various other reptile supplies and equipment as well as our live insects. You can browse our Reptile Supplies sections, use specific terms to search for what you need, alternatively if you still can't find what you need you will be able to find a wider selection of equipment on our sister site

Can I set up recurring orders?
Yes! When you place an order with us, we do provide the ability to easily set up a recurring order.


Feeder Insect Questions

If you have questions about specific feeder insects, you can visit the relevant FAQ section for each of the feeders we offer:

What are these other insects packaged separately in my order, that I did not order?
We enjoy giving back to our customers, on occasion we will give you a gift of some bugs free with your order as a thank you for ordering from us!

What are these other bugs in with the roaches I ordered?
This would be our cleaner crew! These are very useful insects that we use to help keep our roaches clean by feeding on there dead bodies of the roaches. Some may have found their way into your order and if they have there is no need to worry they will not have counted towards your count of roaches and they are not harmful. If you would like more information on our "Cleaner Crew" then please click here.

How do I breed dubia roaches?
It isn't recommended for you to breed your own, I know what you're going to say "you would say that!" and we do sell breeding pairs to help you get started, but honestly breeding your own dubia roaches can induce allergies to their frass, as well as some being allergic to it in the first place. See our How do I breed dubia roaches? section of our Dubia Roach FAQ for more information.

What are tropical spotted roaches, or orange-spotted roaches?
These are other names for the dubia roach! Also known as the blaptica dubia. Many bugs have various names, so if you hear anyone referring to tropical spotted or orange-spotted roaches, you can know they mean dubia roaches.



*To keep better track of your package, please sign up for Informed Delivery by USPS! This service is free and will give you a better outcome when ordering live insects!

When will my order arrive?
Orders placed by noon EST Monday - Thursday ship the next day. If you order on Sunday by noon your order goes out Monday. If your order is placed after noon on Thursday it won't ship until Monday. Your order should arrive 2-3 days after it is shipped.

Where do you ship?
We ship throughout the United States, however we don't ship Dubia, Hissers, and Reds to Florida and we don't ship any live feeders to Hawaii.

How do you ship your orders?
We use USPS to ship all our orders to our customers. If you would like more information regarding our shipping check out our Shipping & Terms page where you can find more answers about how we ship our orders.

How do you pack your orders?
All of our orders are shipped securely in plastic tubs or for larger orders, boxes may be used instead.

Why don't you offer free shipping?
Free shipping is offered by some companies. There is actually no such thing as "free shipping". Companies that offer free shipping have actually added their projected shipping costs to the cost of the items, so the more you buy, the more you will pay. We choose to keep our shipping at a flat rate. This way a customer can order multiple items and pay a flat rate of $7.95, rather than adding several items with "free" shipping included in the price. 

What if my order has not arrived after 4-5 days?
It is the customer's responsibility to track their order. We are not responsible for packages lost by USPS. We will not be held responsible for damage or harm caused by the roaches or cleaner bugs that orders may contain.

Where do I find my tracking number?
Check your order confirmation email for a link to be able to log into your account and track your order, you will also find your tracking number there which you can use to track the package yourself on USPS tracking. We will send a second email once your order has been sent out where you can find another link to track your package through our website.

What if the feeders in my order are dead when they arrive?
You must contact us within 1 hour of delivery time based on what has been recorded by the tracking information. You will need to provide us with photos of the packaging and the bugs. Replacements will be offered on a case by case basis.

What if I won't be home for delivery?
If you don't think you will be home when your package is delivered, we highly recommend calling your local post office and asking them to hold your mail for pickup. Live insects sitting out in a mailbox or on a porch is the number one cause for a DOA order.

Do you accept returns?
Only on non-live, unopened, and unused product. We do not cover shipping costs to our facility, so they will be taken out of the final return amount.