120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure Instructions - 4x2x2

Download 4_2_2_Enclosure_Instructions_v3.pdf


Hi Tristin — Use the mallet included with the enclosure to hammer in upward motions on the underside of the top piece at each corner. This should eventually loosen it enough to be removed and repositioned.


I accidentally hammered the mesh screen backwards. How do I get it off?


Hi Abigail — We don’t offer a locking mechanism yet, but standard display case locks work great for these enclosures.


This looks like an awesome enclosure and I’d love to get one when they are back in stock! My only concern is regarding a locking mechanism for the sliding doors. Is something like that offered?

Abigail Warfield

Hi Tracy — Please click the “email me when back in stock” button on the product page to be notified as soon as this product becomes available again.


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