Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter, 60w

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Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter, 60w

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Ceramic heaters do not make a good source of daytime basking heat. If you are looking for a basking heat bulb, we suggest the Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp or Zoo Med Repti Tuff Halogen Lamp as an alternative!


Reptiles are ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), which means that they don't produce their own body heat. Instead, they depend on external heat sources like the Sun for the heat energy that their bodies need to function properly.

The Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter produces long-wave Infrared C radiant heat, which excels at warming the air inside an enclosure and imitating the radiant heat leftover in an environment when the sun goes down. CHEs are very helpful for boosting temperatures in an enclosure that gets too cold at night without producing any distracting light.

The Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter's flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat internally, ultimately carbonizing the element. This device lasts up to 5 years when used properly.

Wattage: 60w

Instructions for use:

Install the Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter into Zoo Med’s Wire Cage Clamp Lamp or similar. Place above desired area and plug in. Do not place heat emitter over glass or plexiglass. Do not allow reptile to come into contact with the heat emitter.

If your heat emitter must be installed inside the reptile's enclosure, instead of a wire cage clamp lamp, you will need a lamp cage such as the Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage to prevent your reptile from getting accidentally burned!

For optimum, safest performance, use with the Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat to control temperature.