Zoo Med Repti Hammock, Large

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Zoo Med Repti Hammock, Large

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Give your pet a comfortable spot to hang out with the Zoo Med Reptile Hammock!

This hammock is made from a soft nylon mesh to create an accessible spot for your reptile to hang out and survey its territory. Great for any species that likes to climb, including bearded dragons, water dragons, anoles, ball pythons, and corn snakes!

Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 10" x 9.9" x 0.7"

Instructions for Use:

Choose which size of hammock will accommodate your reptile and its enclosure best. When in doubt, go larger rather than smaller.

Use the included suction cups to stick the hammock in one corner of the enclosure. The Zoo Med Repti Hammock only attaches to smooth glass or acrylic surfaces.

Remove feces and urates immediately, and disinfect regularly as needed.

Note: Dubia.com does not recommend using reptile hammocks as a basking surface/platform.


1. Will this support the weight of an adult bearded dragon?

Yes, the larger sizes will suit larger reptiles, the large and giant can be used for adult bearded dragons while the small size should be used for babies/juveniles.

2. Can this be attached to a screen mesh lid?

The suction cups provided will only attach to smooth non-porous surfaces such as glass or acrylic; however, if you were to purchase hooks, you could hang it although it is not recommended.

3. Does this come with the ladder?

No, you would need to purchase the Zoo Med Lizard Ladder separately.