Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp, 150w

16 reviews
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Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp, 150w

16 reviews
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This bulb does not produce UVB.

Reptiles are poikilotherms, which means that they must regulate their body temperature by moving between areas of warmth and cold. Being able to maintain the right body temperature is critical for digesting their food, fighting off disease, and generally maintain bodily functions. The best way to provide an area of warmth in your reptile's enclosure is with a high-quality heat lamp.

The Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp is an incandescent spot-style heat bulb with a double reflector design that focuses 35% more heat and light than regular spot lamps.

Each bulb is warrantied by the manufacturer to last at least 3 months, or roughly 2,000 hours.

How to use:

Install your Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp in a ceramic-socket dome lamp fixture rated above the bulb's wattage. If the bulb is mounted inside the enclosure, use a bulb cage to prevent burns through direct contact. Mount the lamp on the extreme left or right of the enclosure to create a usable temperature gradient. We recommend using a cluster of 2 or more bulbs for evenly heating larger reptiles.

To maximize bulb lifespan, wear gloves when installing the bulb to prevent skin oils from getting on the glass. Avoid unnecessary jostling, especially when the lamp is turned on.

For best results, use the Zoo Med Digital Thermometer to measure the temperature at your pet's basking area to make sure they are getting the right temps for their needs. Place the probe of the thermometer on the basking surface for an accurate reading. If basking temperature is too cool, you will need a higher wattage bulb. If too hot, use a plug-in lamp dimmer to reduce bulb output. 

For maximum lifespan, plug into a surge protector like the Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center

The Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp is a narrow-beam spot lamp. For best results, use at a distance of at least 8" to prevent the development of dangerous hot spots which may burn your reptile. For species longer than 8" snout to vent length, or 8" coiled diameter, we recommend using a cluster of multiple bulbs placed close together. This more evenly heats your reptile's body, promoting even circulation and optimal thermoregulation!

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Adan B.
United States United States


My order came within a few days and the bulb was not damaged in any way! The price definitely beats those from pet stores or other websites. Will be ordering from here again!

Megan S.
Lexington, Texas Lexington, Texas

Amazing website

This website is amazing. I ordered this light and the shipping was so fast. We have also ordered Dubia roaches and they were all alive and healthy ones. We will order them again.

United States United States


Basking light works great for my bearded dragon.

Kay T.
Fort Belvoir , Virginia Fort Belvoir , Virginia


They are always quick with shipping and have wonderful customer service. Never had any issues with the live food. I’ve order roaches, meal worms, super worms , silk worms and hornworms. As well as tank lights and accessories.

Canada Canada

This is good

I bet i can **** an egg with it its a very good lamp for reptiles

Donna B.
Troy, New York Troy, New York

150W basking lamp

Great expectation as usual. Will continue ordering my lizards needs from your website. Couldn't love you guys anymore!!!