Zoo Med Dual Analog Terrarium Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

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Zoo Med Dual Analog Terrarium Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

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Different reptiles need different amounts of heat in order to be healthy — for example, what is perfect temperature for a bearded dragon is much too hot for a crested gecko. So it's very important to monitor the temperatures present in your reptile's enclosure with a thermometer.

The same goes for humidity levels. Different reptiles need different levels of humidity in their environment to stay hydrated and healthy. For example, a crested gecko needs high humidity, but a uromastyx prefers low humidity. And the only way to make sure you're providing enough humidity for your reptile's needs is with a hygrometer.

The Zoo Med Dual Analog Terrarium Thermometer/Humidity Gauge monitors local air temperature and humidity levels. It comes with a convenient Velcro backing for easy installation on the wall of your terrarium, making removal for cleaning or relocation simple!

This device is not suitable for measuring basking temperature. If you need a thermometer for monitoring basking temperature in your reptile's enclosure, we recommend a digital probe thermometer or infrared thermometer.