Zoo Med Dual Analog Terrarium Thermometer/Humidity Gauge™

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Zoo Med Dual Analog Terrarium Thermometer/Humidity Gauge™
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All exotic pet owners know that measuring the temperature and humidity of your terrarium is crucial to maintaining your pet's health and wellbeing. Heat is used to digest their meals properly so that they can absorb nutrients and grow. A lot of reptiles are sensitive to humidity and having it too high can make them sick, while having it too low can make it difficult for them to shed, alternatively, some reptiles and amphibians need high humidity. Either way, it is important that both are closely monitored.

Maintain the proper temperature ranges for your reptile or amphibian pet with the Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge™. With a design that makes it easy to operate, you can conveniently and accurately measure both the temperature and the humidity of your terrarium all in one place. Simple color-coded dual analog dials in order to help you maintain the correct environment for your reptile pal whether you need a tropical or arid climate in your tank. Getting set up and running is a piece of cake with convenient fuzzy fastener backing, straightforward to stick and move around to where it needs to go. No batteries required and no wires or outlets needed, ready to use out of the package.

  • Single unit precisely monitors both humidity and temperature
  • Easy to use color-coded dual analog dials
  • Perfect for tropical and arid environments for reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.
  • Temperature and humidity levels are extremely important to the long-term health of your animals.
  • Simple set up with Velcro™ hook and loop fastener backing that can stick and unstick when you need to
  • You can use it out of the package since it needs no batteries, outlets, or connections.

Dimensions: 6" x 1" x 4"*

*Approx. size


For monitoring temperature and humidity: 1. Remove from package. 2. Clean off glass where you want to place, find a spot in between the warm and cool part of the tank. 3. Peel off the backing from the velcro and stick gauge to velcro



1. Does this measure precise humidity?

The humidity gauge measures relative humidity.


2. Does this read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

The temperature is measure in Fahrenheit.

3. What temperature range will this read to? 

The thermometer measures from -20°F - 120°F.


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