Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

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Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

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Different reptiles need different amounts of heat in order to be healthy — for example, what is perfect temperature for a bearded dragon is much too hot for a crested gecko. So it's very important to monitor the temperatures present in your reptile's enclosure with a thermometer.

The Zoo Med Digital Thermometer offers one temperature probe and an easy-to-read digital display to monitor temperature in a given area of your terrarium. The temperature probe is completely waterproof and is safe to submerge in water for monitoring water temperature. Able to sense temperatures between -10°F and 140°F.

Battery included.

Instructions for Use:

Place the temperature probe on the basking area, directly below the heat lamp for most accurate readings. Mount the digital display in a dry location outside the enclosure. Slide the Fahrenheit/Celsius switch to desired setting. Press power (pwr) button to turn on. Press and hold power button for 5 seconds to turn off. 

For best results, we recommend using two Zoo Med Digital Thermometers, with one placed on each end of the terrarium to monitor your temperature gradient.