Discoid Roaches

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Discoid Roaches

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Legal in Florida!

We consolidate all roach quantities of the same size into 1 container unless ordering "pet store only" products.

Overview: The Discoid Cockroach, also known as Blaberus discoidalis, is a popular choice among pet owners and reptile enthusiasts due to its manageable size, easy care requirements, and high nutritional value as feeder insects. Native to Central and South America, these cockroaches are known for their hardy nature and distinctive appearance.

Appearance: Discoid cockroaches have a smooth, oval-shaped body that typically measures between 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) in length. They are characterized by their shiny, dark brown to black exoskeleton and pale, almost translucent edges on their wings and thorax. Their wings are well-developed, covering the entire abdomen, but they rarely fly.


  • As Pets: Discoid cockroaches are low-maintenance and fascinating to observe, making them suitable for insect hobbyists.
  • As Feeders: Their high protein and fat content make them excellent feeders for reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Unlike some other feeder insects, they do not produce offensive odors and are less likely to escape from enclosures.

Conclusion: Discoid cockroaches are a versatile and valuable addition to any insect collection, whether for pet enthusiasts or those needing reliable feeder insects. Their easy care requirements, peaceful nature, and high reproductive rate make them a preferred choice for many.

Order Now: Add Discoid Cockroaches to your collection today and experience the benefits of these remarkable insects. Our stock is healthy, well-fed, and ready to ship!

We do not ship Discoids to Hawaii, or outside the US.

All Discoid nymphs are a mix of males and females; they are not sexed unless otherwise specified.