Zoo Med Desert Lighting Combo Pack

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Zoo Med Desert Lighting Combo Pack

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Most desert reptiles need heat, UVB, and bright white visible light as part of their setup to help ensure good health. Reptiles are ectothermic, which means that instead of producing their own body heat, they depend on external sources like the sun for warmth. This heat energy is used to digest their food, maintain bodily function, and stay generally healthy. Since reptiles don't produce their own heat, we must provide the heat they need with heat lamps.

The Zoo Med Desert Lighting Combo Pack provides heat and light to help create a healthy basking area for your pet reptile. This kit includes:

  • Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
  • Repti Basking Spot Lamp (75 watt)

This kit does not come with UVB.

For best results, use the Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer to measure the temperature at your reptile's basking area to make sure it's getting the right temps for its needs.