Zilla Water Pillows

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Zilla Water Pillows

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Dehydration is a surprisingly common problem in pet reptiles. Dehydrated reptiles are more likely to develop health problems like appetite loss, lethargy, organ dysfunction, and impaction. You can help keep your pet reptile hydrated and healthy by making sure its feeders are also well-hydrated and healthy.

Zilla Water Pillows safely and steadily provide moisture and hydration for days after typical paper towels or sponges would dry out. Because Zilla Water Pillows replace the need for a bowl of standing water, they essentially eliminate the risk of drowned feeder insects! This product can be reused over and over again.

Instructions for Use:

Moisten Zilla Water Pillow with water before placing in enclosure. Once dry, remove, rinse, remoisten, and replace. Soiled Zilla Water Pillows should be discarded and replaced with new ones to maintain good hygiene.

Can be used with feeder insects as well as pet invertebrates and hermit crabs!