Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs (Day Blue) 50W

Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs (Day Blue) 50W
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Most reptiles are ectotherms or "cold-blooded," meaning that they rely on their environment to generate heat for them to use in their bodies, this heat is crucial to their survival as it allows them to digest their food and absorb much-needed nutrients from that food that they need to live.

The high-intensity output of a Zilla Mini Halogen Bulb uses less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. This energy-saving replacement is 250% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and also more compact so that it will take up less space inside your terrarium. Available in three colors, each bulb pin-points light and heat using less power. This provides healthy light and essential warmth in the reptile habitat. This tiny bulb provides spot heating and blue light to keep your reptiles warm and comfortable. It can be used with the Zilla Halogen Mini Dome, Heat & UVB Basking Fixture, and Mini Heat & UVB Fixture.  

  • 25 Watt Mini Halogen Bulb is equivalent to 50 to 75-watt incandescent bulbs
  • Up to 250% more efficient than incandescent.
  • Thicker glass and stronger filament bulbs yield over 2,000 hours on average, double versus incandescent.
  • Provides healthy light and essential warmth for your reptile
  • Fits with Zilla fixtures: Halogen Mini Dome, Heat & UVB Basking, Mini Heat & UVB, and more!

See below for recommended distance from heat source:


Instructions for use:

Use bulb in your terrarium to provide the necessary heat and light, which is essential for reptiles to regulate their body temperature. These bulbs are recommended for use with Zilla fixtures: Halogen Mini Dome, Heat & UVB Basking, Mini Heat & UVB.

Dimensions: 2.5 x .75 x 4"


1. Can I use this bulb with a dimmer?

Because the switch can affect the voltage of the bulb, it could cause damage, which would count as intentional, it is not recommended to use this bulb in conjunction with a dimmer.

2. Can I use this bulb with any fixture?

This bulb can be used with any fixture that it will fit, it is recommended for use with the Zilla Halogen Mini Domes

3. Does this bulb emit UVB?

This is not a UVB bulb, and it is an energy-saving halogen replacement bulb for your terrarium's heating fixtures.

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