TG-1 Tempgun

TG-1 Tempgun -


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The TG-1 precisely measures reflected surface temperatures. It is our most affordable Temp Gun, yet it maintains the same great accuracy and durability of our more expensive units. The TG1 is a terrific and reliable Temp Gun at an amazingly affordable price! Wrist strap Included.

Range -27°F to +428°F (-33°C to +220°C)

Accuracy ±2°

Field of View (D:S Ratio) 1:1

Accuracy ± 1.8°

Modes Max/Min/Lock

Emissivity 0.95E

Battery CR2032

Battery Life 40 hours continuous use (auto off after 15 seconds)

Display LCD Dimensions 25 x 35 x 95mm

Weight 36 grams with battery

Warranty 1 Year