Small 1/2" Dubia FREE SHIPPING

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Small 1/2" Dubia FREE SHIPPING

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This product is for those who just want to purchase one item. If you plan on adding multiple items to your cart you can choose our regular Small 1/2" Dubia product here.

We consolidate all roach quantities of the same size into 1 container unless ordering "pet store only" products.

Approximately 1/2" in length, these dubia nymphs are a great choice for small or young reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, such as juvenile bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and veiled chameleons. 

One small 1/2" dubia nymph is about the length of an adult cricket, but heavier. To prevent potential choking, lizards should not be fed dubia roaches larger than the space between their eyes.

Dubia should always be lightly dusted with calcium powder prior to feeding.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Moisture — 65.6%
  • Protein — 23.4%
  • Fat — 7.2%
  • Ash — 1.2%
  • Fiber — 2.9%


We do all counts by a combination of both count and weight in grams since what really matters is the “weight” to feed your pet. Whether you have 90 bugs that weigh 9g or 110 bugs that weigh 9g, your pet will still get the same amount of food by weight. We always weigh heavy to insure over count for dead and undersized dubia. You may receive slightly more or less than you order depending on size. Example: If you order 50 dubia you could receive as little as 45 as a worst case scenario, but you could also receive as many as 60. In most cases, you will receive more.

25 - 2.5g
50 - 5g
100 - 10g
200 - 20g
500 - 50g
1000 - 100g

We do not ship dubia to Florida, Hawaii, or outside the US.

All dubia roach nymphs are a mix of male and female; they are not sexed unless otherwise specified.