Porcellio "Sevilla" Isopods

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Porcellio "Sevilla" Isopods

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*Comes in a 10 count*

Our Candy Crush isopods are a mix of powder blue, powder orange and occasionally oreo crumbles. What you receive will be completely random but will all be porcellionides pruinosus isopods. 

Size: up to .5 inch

Lifespan: 1-2 years

Difficulty: Easy/Beginner

Humidity: Moderate - High

Temperature: 65-80 degrees

Porcellionides has a wide range of morphs. This species makes a fantastic clean-up crew for a wide range of environments, ranging from semi-arid (Ball Pythons and even Bearded Dragons) to Humid (Crested Geckos and Other Tropical Species). Porcellionides are a very fast moving and quickly reproducing species. This makes them a great option for a bioactive set up!