Retired Breeder / Jumbo Dubias

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Retired Breeder / Jumbo Dubias

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This is a limited offer — get them while they last!

We have a large group of retired breeders and jumbos to be used as feeders only! This will be a mix of adult males, females, and jumbo nymphs. Great for adult bearded dragons, ackie monitors, and other larger insectivores. 

Due to the low price on these, we will only offer live arrival guarantee. No guarantees on how old they are, how long they will live, or how many males/females you will receive. What we will guarantee is that they will arrive alive and they will be the best deal you can get on roaches by the pound!

Can these be used for breeding?

There's a reason why these dubias are retired breeders. You might get some production from them, but we recommend feeding them all off within a month due to age.