PVC Enclosure 1” Stacker/Spacer (Set of 4)

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Important: If you are adding more than 40 pounds to the inside of your enclosure, you will need to add an option support bar. These are still being made, and we will add them to our site as soon as we have them. It will be two aluminum bars that can be added to go from the front to the back and holds up the bottom panel.

This is a set of 4 stackers/spacers for any of our PVC enclosures. This will allow you to stack one enclosure on top of another with a 1” space in between for any wires and for ventilation from the screen top. This is version 1.0 and we experienced a slight flaw in the smoothness of the plastic, but it’s purely cosmetic. These will be priced at only $12.99 for a set of 4. If you are adding a lot of weight to your top enclosure, you may need to add an optional support spacer. These will be available next month! That kit will contain two metal supports that will hold the bottom panel up and keep it from sagging.