Nature Zone Herptile Vitamins and Probiotics, 0.4 oz

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Nature Zone Herptile Vitamins and Probiotics, 0.4 oz

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Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Calcium & Probiotics is not recommended by reptile experts for use as a vitamin supplement. If you're looking for a multivitamin supplement for your bearded dragon, we suggest Exo Terra Multi Vitamin!


Multivitamin supplements help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can stunt growth and cause weakness and loss of appetite in captive reptiles. Nature Zone Herptile Vitamins and Probiotics is a multivitamin supplement designed to be dosed regularly to boost your reptile's health with a spectrum of vitamins as well as probiotics.

Size: 0.4oz

Instructions for Use:

Sprinkle some occasionally on your reptile's feeder insects or salad.