Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Color & Probiotics, 2.8oz

Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Color & Probiotics, 2.8oz


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Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Color & Probiotics is a probiotic and carotenoid supplement specifically formulated for bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps).

Probiotics help bearded dragons digest properly and keep bad bacteria in check. According to studies, as much as half of digested nutrition may come from the bacterial digestion which takes place in the animal's gut! This supplement contains 7 different strains of probiotic bacteria to aid in the digestion of vegetable fiber and animal proteins.

As a precursor to vitamin A, carotenoids help make sure that bearded dragons are getting enough of this essential vitamin. Carotenoids are also important to helping bring out your dragon's naturally vibrant color.

Instructions for Use:

Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Color & Probiotics should be administered by sprinkling it on top of the dragon's food, whether it be live crickets, fresh vegetables, or a prepared diet.

This supplement is not a substitute for regular calcium or multivitamin supplements.