Large Soldier Fly Larvae FREE SHIPPING

5 reviews
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Large Soldier Fly Larvae FREE SHIPPING

5 reviews
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**Now packed in our new, improved substrate. Buy one of our sifters to separate the grubs from the GrubSoil™ easily!**

Our Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae is the most popular size we offer. These are great staple feeders for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, chameleons, frogs, tarantulas, and more!

Nutrition Facts:

  • Moisture — 61.2%
  • Protein — 17.5%
  • Fat — 14.0%
  • Ash — 3.5%
  • Fiber — 3.0%

Do black soldier fly larvae need to be dusted with calcium?

Black soldier fly larvae require no dusting with calcium powder because they already contain all the calcium your pet needs. 

How to care for your black soldier fly larvae:

Our black soldier fly larvae are fed a high-quality, plant-based diet to make them as nutritious as possible for your pet. However, this does mean that they tend to grow and pupate faster than the ones from other breeders. For best results, make sure to keep your black soldier fly larvae cool (50-55°F). When chilled properly, black soldier fly larvae last approximately 1 month.

Pro tip: If you notice some of your grubs turning black, they are close to the "fly" stage. Keep them until they turn into a fly and watch your pet go after them! It's excellent enrichment for your pet, and they are a slow-moving fly, so they are easy to catch. Plus, if your pet doesn't like the grubs, it should like the flies!


Phoenix Worms®, CalciWorms® and ReptiWorms™ are all brand names of the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF Larvae), known as Hermetia illucens.

Phoenix Worms® is a registered trademark of Insect Science Resource LLC. All rights reserved.

CalciWorms® is a registered trademark of Timberline Fisheries. All rights reserved.

ReptiWorms™ is a subsidiary of Animal Specialties Inc. All rights reserved.

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Duluth, Georgia

Beardie Loves Them

Our bearded dragon likes them when they're wiggly as opposed to after they've gone hard waiting to pupate. These are just the right size and very much to her liking. We've been happy with the money saved by switching over to BSFL. My only bit of constructive criticism would be that it'd be nice if the bedding was a little less coarse. Sometimes it can be hard to get it all through the sifter. Thank you for not putting them on soil, though. The site we use as a backup when is out of stock puts them on soil and it's a real pain!

Adrienne D.
North Vernon, Indiana North Vernon, Indiana

My dragons love them

My dragons Spider-Man and lucky love them lucky more then Spider-Man but both are happy to see them in there food dish I recommend them to everyone .

United States United States

Pleasantly surprised

I was a little nervous about trying black soldier fly larvae for my dragon, because she had rejected waxworms (probably because they don't move much) and the smallest amount you can order here is 100. Fortunately, my dragon loves them and I've just placed another order!

Angelita F.
EL CAJON, California EL CAJON, California

Excellent Customer Service

My container of BFSL was replaced for free bc they died from the cold in transit or died when my little girl decided to hit the box they were in like a piñata. Either way, I was shipped another container for free and it shipped fast. I will now be a costumer for life!

Dennis D.
Saginaw, Michigan Saginaw, Michigan

Decent nutrigrubs

The large is not that large and they seem to only live about a week at room temps. Shipping has been good. I would buy again.