Halogen Heat Lamp - 75 Watt

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Halogen Heat Lamp - 75 Watt

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Experts say that halogen flood heat lamps are the best way to heat pet reptiles!

The Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp provides:

  • strong visible light
  • lots of deep-penetrating IR-A radiation
  • wide beam angle for more even heating
  • compatible with dimmers
  • longer working life than tungsten
  • splash resistant hard glass construction

Instructions for Use

This bulb has a standard E27 fitting, so it works with any standard ceramic socket dome lamp fixture. If installed inside your reptile's enclosure, it must be contained within a heat lamp cage to protect your pet from contact burns.

The Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp makes the perfect partner for the Arcadia Deep Heat Projector, where the DHP fills in the missing IR-B to create about the closest representation of natural heat from sunlight.

**Important: To get the most life out of your bulb, please be sure to shut off power to the fixture BEFORE removing or installing a bulb!**


Due to shipping considerations, we cannot accept returns on bulbs. Please be sure to order the right size!