Galapagos Spiderwood, 12-24"

Galapagos Spiderwood, 12-24"


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Arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles and amphibians need branches and vines to climb on in order to feel secure and at home. However, arboreal animals aren't the only ones who enjoy climbing — terrestrial (ground-dwelling) animals benefit from climbing objects and opportunities, too! Whatever pet you have, adding natural wood to their terrarium encourages them to exercise and exhibit natural behaviors.

Galapagos Spiderwood makes a unique feature for aquariums and terrariums! In terrariums, spiderwood adds a multidimensional element that supports both tropical and arid landscapes. It offers perfect branches for hanging spanish or green sphagnum mosses, as well as an interesting network for pets to explore.

In aquariums, spiderwood sinks after about 10 days anchored with weights and helps create the perfect mangrove aquascape. It can also be used as a substrate for growing aquatic mosses and plants.

Each piece ranges in size from 12" to 24".