Galapagos Coco Fiber Crash Pad (18x36)

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Galapagos Coco Fiber Crash Pad (18x36)

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The Galapagos Coco Fiber Crash Pad is a coconut fiber terrarium liner for tropical reptiles and amphibians. One side is coconut fiber and the other side has a light latex coating, creating a smooth and rough side for easier placement in your pet's terrarium. Use it as a substrate alternative or as a climbable decorative background!

Dimensions: 18" x 36"

Instructions for Use: 

If used as a substrate, the Galapagos Coco Fiber Crash Pad should be removed and cleaned once a week to prevent waste and bacterial buildup. Rinse to remove organic waste, then soak with reptile-safe disinfectant or bleach solution, allow to sit for at least 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and let dry completely before placing in your reptile's enclosure.

To prevent the spread of disease, never wash the liner in a sink or bathtub used by humans, or make sure to disinfect thoroughly immediately after contact.