Fluker's Cricket Quencher, 16oz

Fluker's Cricket Quencher, 16oz


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Dehydration is a surprisingly common problem in pet reptiles. Dehydrated reptiles are more likely to develop health problems like appetite loss, lethargy, organ dysfunction, and impaction. You can help keep your pet reptile hydrated and healthy by making sure its feeders are also well-hydrated and healthy.

Fluker's Cricket Quencher provides crickets and other feeder insects with a safe, clean water source in a convenient gel form. Because it's a gel rather than a liquid, Fluker's Cricket Quencher virtually eliminates the risk of drowning and bacterial contamination in your colony.

Instructions for Use:

Place a small amount of Fluker's Cricket Quencher in a shallow dish in the insects' cage. Refill as needed. There is no need to provide an additional water source.

Store in a cool, dry place. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (not less than) 1.80%
Crude Fat (not less than) .08%
Crude Fiber (not more than) 1.81%
Moisture (not less than) 97.49%


Water, Polyacrylamide Copolymer, F&D Blue #1



1. Can this be used as a water and food source?

The cricket quencher is just to be used as a hydration source; it does not provide any nutrition. If you are looking for cricket food, try Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet.

2. Can this be used for insects other than crickets?

Yes, Fluker's Cricket Quencher can be provided to any insects that require additional hydration. Certain insects such as hornworms get all the hydration they need from the food that they eat; others require a separate source of hydration in their enclosure, such as dubia roaches.

3. Can I give this to my pet?

Fluker's Cricket Quencher is formulated for consumption by feeder insects only.