Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet

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Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet

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If you have an insect-eating exotic pet, good nutrition doesn't start with the feeders you choose to feed to them — it actually starts with what you feed to the insects themselves. Whether you're buying your crickets at the pet store or online, chances are that they will arrive with empty stomachs and low nutrient content. When you take the time to gutload them for at least 24 hours before feeding, your pet will benefit from the extra nutrition!

Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Feed is a premium formula designed for "gut-loading" crickets to increase their vitamin/mineral content prior to offering them as prey to your pet. Fluker's high-calcium formula helps offset insects' naturally-high phosphorus content, helping safeguard against calcium deficiency and its associated health problems.

Instructions for Use:

Offer Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet as the primary source of food to feeder crickets. For best results, offer Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet alongside Fluker's Cricket Quencher and fresh vegetables. Crickets should be gutloaded for at least 24 hours prior to offering to your pet.

Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry area protected from rodents and insects. 

This product is perishable! Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed as it may cause illness or death.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein, minimum  —  18%

Crude Fat, minimum            4.5%

Crude fiber, maximum         10%

Calcium (Ca) minimum        8%

Phosphorus (P) minimum       0.6%


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