Fluker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium

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Fluker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium

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Gutloading feeder insects isn't just about making sure they stay alive until they get fed to your pet. It isn't even just about strategically feeding them to boost their nutritional value. Gutloading is also about making sure feeders are hydrated enough to help keep your pet well-hydrated. When calcium is added to their gutload, it helps balance the insects' natural calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, helping prevent calcium deficiency in reptiles.

Fluker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium is the safe way to hydrate feeder insects during the gutloading phase. Water bowls cause drowning. Wet sponges, paper towels, and produce attract bacteria and mold. But Cricket Quencher is a hygienic gel that hydrates without drowning, then virtually disappears after it dries out. This formula also contains calcium, which increases the insects' calcium content, making them more nutritious for your pet!

Instructions for Use:

Place a small amount of Fluker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium in a shallow dish in the insects' cage. Refill as needed. There is no need to provide an additional water source.

Store in a cool, dry place. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein (not less than)  —  0.24%

Crude fat (not less than)     —     0.00%

Crude fiber (not more than)    —  1.39%

Moisture (not less than)     —     96.85%

Ash (not more than)        —        0.91%


Water, Polyacrylamide Copolymer, Calcium, F&D Yellow #5