Fluker's Bend-a-Branch, Medium

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Fluker's Bend-a-Branch, Medium


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Arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles and amphibians need branches and vines to climb on in order to feel secure and at home. It also encourages them to exercise and exhibit natural behaviors!

Fluker's Bend-A-Branch for Reptiles has a natural wood look to create a more natural aesthetic for your reptile's terrarium. These flexible vines can be bent and twisted to create any desired look, and their sturdy design offers more support for your pet than a conventional vine, so you don't have to worry about breakage.

Length: 6'

Diameter: 3/8" 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do these use suction cups to fix to the sides of the enclosure?

A. This piece bends around objects in the enclosure or rests against the sides and has a wire on the end that can be twisted around something.

Q. What are the vines made of?

A. The vines are made of rice paper.

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