Exo Terra Water Dish Medium

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Exo Terra Water Dish Medium

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Water is the foundation of all life on Earth, which means that a water bowl is an essential component of any reptile enclosure. Aside from providing a consistent source of drinking water, many snakes appreciate having a place where they can soak as desired.

The Exo Terra Water Bowl offers both form and function to reptile terrariums. Its stone-like aesthetic blends into and enhances any terrarium style, and the built-in "safety steps" help prevent drowning accidents. The bowl is made from food-grade resin, and the bowl also has a special coating to discourage bacterial growth and make it easier to clean!

For best results, make sure the water in your pet's bowl is always clean, and scrub the bowl with animal-safe disinfectant at least 1x/week.


    10 X 13 X 3.3 cm

    4 X 5.2 X 1.3 "