Exo Terra Solar Glo, 160w

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Exo Terra Solar Glo, 160w

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Data on the Exo Terra Reptile UVB bulbs' output is not available in UVI (ultraviolet index), making it difficult to predict appropriate distance for use. We do not recommend using this product without a Solarmeter 6.5 in hand! Additional heating or UVB equipment may be needed to achieve the parameters required for your pet's species.

If you are looking for a strong, reliable UVB bulb, we suggest the Zoo Med T5 HO Reptisun UVB as an alternative.

If you are looking for a high-quality basking heat bulb, we recommend the Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp as an alternative.


UVB is a set of ultraviolet wavelengths produced by sunlight. These wavelengths are responsible for stimulating the synthesis of vitamin D3 in invertebrates, a vitamin that is essential to animal wellbeing. In captivity, it is best practice to replicate sunlight through the use of UVB lighting appropriate to the animal's ecological niche. Heat and UVB provide the most benefit to reptiles when used together, rather than separately.

The Exo Terra Solar-Glo is a mercury vapor bulb that produces significant amounts of both heat and UVB. This more closely replicates the function of the sun to wild reptiles, and helps create natural thermal- and photo-gradients in your enclosure. 

Distance chart:

  • 4" — 102°F
  • 8" — 95°F
  • 12" — 88°F
  • 16" — 86°F
  • 20" — 86°F
  • 24" — 84°F
  • 28" — 84°F
  • 32" — 82°F
  • 36" — 82°F
  • 40" — 82°F

*Temperature values estimated based on 68°F room temperature.