Exo Terra Snake Cave, Small

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Exo Terra Snake Cave, Small

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As small animals, reptiles get stressed when they don't have a place to hide out of sight. Chronic stress has negative effects on reptiles, leading to increased susceptibility to illness, decreased appetite, lethargy, and more defensive behavior. This is especially important for nocturnal and crepuscular reptiles that prefer to hide during the majority of the day. When exotic animals have places to hide nearby, they are more likely to be comfortable with being out in the open.

The Exo Terra Snake Cave is a reptile hideout specifically tailored to the unique shape and needs of snakes. With a narrow opening and a roomy inner chamber, snakes can feel secure in being fully-enclosed. Plus, the rock-like aesthetic makes the Snake Cave an attractive addition to any terrarium!

Dimensions:  6.2" x 4.5" x 2.8"