Exo Terra Natural Light, 13w

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Exo Terra Natural Light, 13w

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This bulb does not produce UVB or heat.

Even if you have both heat and UVB lamps in your reptile’s setup, it’s possible that the enclosure won’t actually have enough illumination to replicate daylight, or even grow healthy plants. Particularly for diurnal (day-active) species, adding a 6500-7000K lamp to the enclosure can not only be beneficial to plant growth, but also your reptile’s mental health and activity levels.

The Exo Terra Natural Light is a 6700K fluorescent coil daylight bulb, with a very high color-rendering index of 98 CRI, which means your pet and its surroundings will look as beautiful as if they were outdoors on a sunny day! This bulb also produces UVA wavelengths, which helps create a more natural color spectrum to your reptile’s eyes, since reptiles can see UVA.

This 13w bulb is an extremely small, compact bulb designed for use with particularly small enclosures <12" wide.

For best results, we recommend using this bulb with the Exo Terra Compact Top fixture.