Exo Terra Moss Vines, Large

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Exo Terra Moss Vines, Large

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Environmental enrichment is crucial to animals’ wellbeing in captivity. Having a bare terrarium looks depressing; you wouldn't want an empty room to yourself, so your beloved pet wouldn't appreciate it either. If you can find something that will integrate naturally into your pet's environment, then that's even better!

For semi-arboreal and arboreal reptiles and amphibians, having climbing materials available is essential to their mental and physical wellbeing. Exo Terra Moss Vines are realistic-looking artificial vines that can be bent into any shape or configuration to create a natural forest aesthetic with an attractive green color. The vines are also fully waterproof, which makes them easy to clean and suitable for use in high-humidity environments.

Dimensions: 6' long, 5/8" thick

Exo Terra Moss Vines are suitable for small, tropical, arboreal species, such as: