Exo Terra Mini Mister

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Exo Terra Mini Mister

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Paying attention to the humidity levels in your terrarium is an important aspect of keeping pet reptiles and amphibians. Whether you have a desert, temperate, or tropical species, providing the right humidity is essential to keeping your pet well-hydrated. One of the most common methods of maintaining humidity levels is with a spray bottle.

The Exo Terra Mini Mister is a hand-powered sprayer with an adjustable nozzle designed to help increase terrarium humidity by simulating dewdrops or rain.

Best used for maintaining particularly small terrariums.

Instructions for use:

Use as frequently as necessary to maintain optimal humidity levels, but never spray the animal directly.

To maximize the longevity of this product, use soft or distilled water and clean with veterinary-grade disinfectant on a regular basis.

Capacity: 16 fl oz