Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer

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Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer

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Different reptiles need different amounts of heat in order to be healthy — for example, what is perfect temperature for a bearded dragon is much too hot for a crested gecko. So it's very important to monitor the temperatures present in your reptile's enclosure with a thermometer.

Unlike other thermometers which measure air temperature or the temperature of a probe, the Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer measures the exact temperature of any given surface. This makes it extremely reliable for taking instantaneous, accurate readings of surface temperatures all over your enclosure, giving you a detailed picture of your reptile's thermal gradient!

Instructions for Use:

Point the Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer towards any desired object and with a click on the button the temperature will be shown on the large, easy-to-read digital display. To get the most accurate reading of surface temperature, the Infrared Thermometer must be held 1" away from the target surface.

To determine temperature gradients, the Infrared Thermometer will measure the ambient temperature as long as you press and hold the button, once you release the button the last measured temperature will be displayed. A small LED targeting light assists you to measure the correct spot and shows the diameter of the measured surface.