Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spot, 25w

Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spot, 25w
$ 10.99

The Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spot is a halogen heat bulb for reptiles. Halogen bulbs are an advanced variation on incandescent bulb technology, designed to last longer and produce more heat and light. The extra light and heat offered by halogen technology makes these bulbs especially good for sun-loving diurnal reptiles!

This bulb primarily produces deep-heating Infrared A (700-1400nm) and Infrared B (1400-3000nm) wavelengths, mimicking the sun and maximizing basking benefits for your reptile. 

This bulb does not produce UVB.

Light/Heat Beam: 40°

Color Rendering Index: CRI 86

Color Temperature: 2750K

Approximate temperature* by distance below bulb:

  • 4 inches — 95°F
  • 8 inches — 81°F
  • 12 inches — 75°F
  • 16 inches — 73°F
  • 20 inches — 73°F
  • 24 inches — 73°F

*Based on 68°F room temperature.