Exo Terra Ficus Silk Plant, Small

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Exo Terra Ficus Silk Plant, Small

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Environmental enrichment is crucial to animals’ well-being in captivity. Having a bare terrarium looks depressing; you wouldn't want an empty room to yourself, so your beloved pet wouldn't appreciate it either. If you can find something that will integrate naturally into your pet's environment, then that's even better!

Artificial plants make a low-maintenance, highly attractive addition to your reptile's enclosure. Aside from enhancing a forest or tropical aesthetic, they also provide welcome and natural cover for arboreal species. Plus, they create more surface area for misting to help your enclosure stay humid for longer!

The Exo Terra Ficus Silk Plant is an incredibly realistic replica of a real ficus plant — just like the real deal, but easier to clean and lower maintenance! Ideal for use in more sterile quarantine set-ups or simply if you have a "black thumb".

Dimensions: 6" x 14"

We do not recommend artificial plants for herbivorous or omnivorous species due to the risk of accidental ingestion.