Exo Terra Faunarium Medium

Exo Terra Faunarium Medium
$ 11.99

Every reptile keeper needs a spare terrarium, whether it be for transport, sick/quarantine tanks, keeping feeders in or all of the above, having a spare tank around can be a lifesaver at times. You could try and find an alternative around your house but you would have to be careful what kind of material is used, not to mention them being difficult to transport. This is why it's much easier and even more cost-effective to use a product that has been specifically made for this purpose!

The Exo Terra Faunararium provides you with a great way to house your reptiles, amphibians, mice, and arachnids. The top has plenty of ventilation built-in, allowing your pet to breathe and features a small clear door that you can open to allow you easy access to feed your pet without risk of them escaping. Being easily stackable for your pets, but this also makes these the perfect places to store your feeder insects such as dubia roaches, crickets, locusts, and more. You can also bring your feeder insects to your pets by creating an external feeder enclosure with your Exo Terra Faunarium; this will avoid the hassle of your feeder insects roaming in your pet's home, hiding out and possibly making a mess. The Exo Terra Faunarium can also be used as the perfect way to transport your pets. Whether you need to take them on a road trip, a vacation, or a trip to the vet, this becomes a comfortable temporary home for your pal and make traveling less stressful on them. These can also double as a temporary quarantine or sick tank should you need one. 


  • Perfect for housing small reptiles, amphibians, mice, insects and more
  • Great for housing your feeder insects
  • Make an ideal sick, quarantine, or travel tank.
  • Secure access door for feeding pets
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Easy to clean and disinfect


Dimensions: 12" x 7.5" x 8"* / 30.5cm x 19.1cm x 20.3cm*

Approx. size*



1. Can I use this for my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons need a 40-gallon enclosure as adults, and a 20 gallon as babies, and even then they are better off with something a bit bigger, the Exo Terra Faunarium does not go up to that big.


2. Can I house a leopard gecko in this?

You could put a baby leopard gecko in this, but it would not be recommended for older leopard geckos.


3. Does this hold humidity well?

Given the ventilated lid, this would not be ideal for anything that needs high levels of humidity.


4. Can I use this to keep my crickets?

Yes, it is perfect for keeping insects, ensure that you research the size before purchase to ensure that the size you pick is going to be large enough to house the quantity that you need plus egg flats and whatever else they would need to keep themselves healthy.


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