Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

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Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

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Accurately measuring the humidity of your pet reptile or amphibian's terrarium is imperative to maintaining their good health and wellbeing. Humidity is as essential as heat when it comes to the general health of many reptiles, and plays an essential role in preventing illness and promoting good hydration.

The Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer is a device that uses one probe to accurately measure humidity levels inside your pet's terrarium. Because the Hygrometer is digital and uses a probe to collect environmental data, it is more accurate than analog alternatives!

Instructions for Use:

To use, place the probe where you want to measure humidity. To measure average ambient humidity, place the probe in the middle of the setup. To measure maximum humidity, place the probe in the humid hideout.

Battery type: AG13/357A

Battery not included.