Exo Terra Cricket Pen Small

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Exo Terra Cricket Pen Small

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It's not good enough to simply buy crickets from the store and then feed them directly to your pet reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. You have no way of knowing what they were fed before - did they have access to high-quality food and water, or were they gnawing on cardboard and water crystals? This has an enormous impact on the nutrition that your pet will receive by eating them, so you will need to feed them for at least 24 hours before giving them to your pet. It's also extremely impractical to buy a fresh batch of crickets every time you need to feed your reptile.

The Exo Terra Cricket Pen is ideal for housing and dispensing live crickets. The slotted top provides escape-proof ventilation, and the easily removable dark tubes provide a hiding place that crickets will voluntarily crawl into for you to give to your pet.

Feeding and drinking dishes included.

For information on how to care for crickets, read these articles:

We recommend Dubia Dew and Repashy Bug Burger to keep your crickets well fed, hydrated, and ready to nourish your pet!

Capacity: 20 adult crickets