Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

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Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

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Different reptiles need different amounts of heat in order to be healthy — for example, what is the perfect temperature for a bearded dragon is much too hot for a crested gecko. So it's very important to monitor the temperatures present in your reptile's enclosure with a thermometer.

The Exo Terra Analog Thermometer is easily mounted on the interior wall of your enclosure for easy viewing and to provide a reading of local air temperature.

This device is not suitable for measuring basking temperature. If you need a thermometer for monitoring basking temperature in your reptile's enclosure, we recommend a digital probe thermometer.


To install, remove the paper backing, ensure the surface is clean and dry, then press the thermometer firmly onto the surface. Place on the warm end of the enclosure to track average temperature on warm side, or place on the cool end of the enclosure to track average temperature on the cool side.

Do not place near or directly under a heat bulb.

This device is not intended to be used underwater.