Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer

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Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer

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Accurately measuring the humidity of your pet's terrarium is imperative to their health and wellbeing. Humidity is as essential as heat when it comes to the general health of many reptiles; in the wild, they are not used to being in an enclosed environment such as a terrarium, so in captivity, humidity can have more of an impact on their bodies. Keeping an eye on the humidity is vital to ensure they aren't exposed to levels of humidity that could make them sick!

The Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer is an analog hygrometer featuring a simple layout with a vivid display and clearly defined levels. Although not as precise or accurate as the Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer, this device is good for getting a general idea of the average relative humidity in your terrarium. 


  1. Remove the paper backing.
  2. Wipe surface clean and thoroughly dry. 
  3. Place the hygrometer in a central location on the interior wall of your terrarium.
  4. Press the hygrometer firmly onto the surface. 


Does this measure relative humidity or actual humidity? 

Relative humidity. The relative humidity is always expressed as a percentage which is how this item measures humidity. Specific humidity is measured using grams of vapor per KG of air. Any time humidity is expressed as a percentage it will be relative humidity.

Should this be placed inside the tank or outside?

Inside the terrarium as it needs to measure the humidity inside.

How does it attach to the tank? Suction cup?

It uses a peel and stick backing for easy placement.