Exo Terra Amapallo, Small

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Exo Terra Amapallo, Small

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Artificial plants make a low-maintenance, highly attractive addition to your reptile's enclosure. Aside from enhancing a forest or tropical aesthetic, they also provide welcome and natural cover for arboreal species. Plus, they create more surface area for misting to help your enclosure stay humid for longer!

The Exo Terra Amapallo Plant is a plastic replica of actual amapallo leaves. Aside from not requiring the maintenance of real plants, they're more durable than the real deal and are safe for use in more sterile set-ups such as quarantine enclosures.

Instructions for Use:

Rinse each piece off with clean, fresh water before you place it into your terrarium. Periodically wipe down and disinfect to remove dirt, waste, and pathogens.

Note: Artificial plants are not recommended for use with herbivorous or omnivorous species due to risk of ingestion.

Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 1"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this have suction cups or a weighted bottom?

This plant has suction cups included, or it can be hung or laid down, but it is not weighted on the bottom. 

Do the leaves have wires inside?

There are no wires inside the plant.

Can this be used in an underwater aquarium?

The leaves are not made to be fully submerged, but they are water-resistant and can withstand high humidity.