Trichorhina tomentosa "Dwarf White"

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Trichorhina tomentosa "Dwarf White"

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*Comes in a 25 count*

Size: 1cm

Lifespan: 1-3 years

Difficulty: Easy/Beginner

Humidity: High

Temperature: 70-85 degrees

Dwarf White is a very small dwarf species of isopod. This is a very unique species of isopod that is all female and has a parthenogenesis or asexual reproduction! This means there are no males present in this species and females do not require fertilization from males! Dwarf Whites are also known for playing dead when they feel threatened. They will curl up into a c shape and not move for a few moments. So, if you think your Dwarf Whites are dead, just leave them be for a bit and see if they were just playing dead! Preferring a high humidity, this species is great for tropical bioactive environments and will establish very quickly.