Digital Probe Thermometer

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Digital Probe Thermometer

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Reptiles are ectothermic, which means that they depend on the temperatures in their environment to help them regulate their metabolism. Temperatures that are too warm lead to heat stress, and temperatures that are too cool lead to appetite loss, lethargy, and illness. Aside from having high-quality heating equipment, it’s essential to have a reliable digital probe thermometer, too.

Digital probe thermometers are more accurate than analog gauge-style thermometers, enabling you to meet your pet’s environmental needs with more precision. The probe is especially helpful for getting accurate readings of basking temperatures when placed on the basking surface.

This digital thermometer features a water-resistant sensor probe and an LCD screen with readouts in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Thanks to the remote sensor probe and digital LCD readout, you can accurately and quickly monitor the temperature of your terrarium. The unit and the probe each have a suction cup so you can mount the thermometer on any smooth surface, and you can do the same with the probe. 

This water-resistant sensor probe can be used in many different areas within a habitat for easy use in a variety of terrarium environments, including aquatic turtle tanks!

  • 39” long probe wire
  • Senses and reads temperatures from -10° to 140° F
  • Batteries included