Ceramic Heater - 50W

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Ceramic Heater - 50W

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Ceramic heaters do not make a good source of daytime basking heat. If you are looking for a basking heat bulb, we suggest the Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp or Zoo Med Repti Tuff Halogen Lamp as an alternative!


The Arcadia Ceramic Heater is a lightless source of heat perfect for increasing the ambient (air) temperature inside your enclosure during the day or night without disturbing essential circadian rhythms with unwanted light!

Ceramic heaters produce Infrared-C heat, which is a wavelength of infrared not produced in significant quantities by the Sun, but present all around us here on Earth, and the primary form of warmth available when the sun goes down.

  • 50w
  • E27 fitting
  • ideal for boosting ambient temps
  • manufacturer guarantee for 1 year when used correctly

Approximate Heat Output:

6" 136ºF
8" 117ºF
12" 97ºF


*Actual temperatures vary in context. Use a digital probe thermometer to check and monitor the actual temperatures inside your enclosure.

Instructions for Use:

We do not recommend using ceramic heaters as a source of basking heat. If you are looking for a basking lamp for your pet reptile, check out the Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp or Arcadia Solar Basking Flood instead!

These lamps can become very hot, as such it is essential for the safety of your pets and your own alike that these lamps are only used with the correct wattage E27 ceramic socket, are not placed directly against flammable material or other electrical items, and that they are suitably caged at all times.

Ceramic heaters must be used with a cage-style lamp fixture for safe operation. If installed inside the enclosure, an interior heat lamp cage is required.

NOTE: To get the most life out of your bulb please be sure to shut off power to the fixture BEFORE removing or installing a bulb!


Due to shipping considerations we cannot accept returns on bulbs, please be sure to order the right size!